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 LEGENDS OF THE PHOENIX: Tales of Forgotten Past


LEGENDS OF THE PHOENIX: Tales of Forgotten Past.

    Dear reader, if you are holding in your hands the book "Legends of the Phoenix" by A.V.Trehlebov, then in just a moment a magnificent journey awaits you filled with fascinating knowledge about the hidden history of our world and some of the most fascinating societal processes to ever occur. If you have already read a few dozen books on the subject but are still asking yourself the questions "Who am i?" "What is my purpose here?" or "Why do we die?" then this book will become a treasure within your library. If you are still searching for the answers to the age old questions of the origins of life on earth, the origins and evolution of our modern civilization, the origins of different races, the true history of the people on earth, our spiritual growth as humans, or the universal laws of the universe, then this book has come to you at the right time. Through years of scientific study, this non-fiction tractate is written in a simple yet fascinating manner and is suitable for all readers. The phoenix, as in the title of the book, is an ancient Russian symbol symbolizing the rebirth of Russia and the Slavic people. From folk tales it is written that these birds rise from their ashes, are then reborn in a magical flame and appear in a purer form. Since history has always been written by, and for the benefit of the current rulers, disregarding any previous facts or knowledge, we use the experience and heritage of our ancestors which have been laid out in the "Legends of the Phoenix." "Legends of the Phoenix" is devoted to the revival of the ancient, million year old culture and heritage of the Slavic people. The information in this book has deep roots from the Slavic Vedas dating back hundreds of thousands of years with knowledge not yet fully discovered by our modern civilization. Consisting of two parts, the first part "Origin of the Slavic-Aryans" discusses the root origins of the Slavic people, the ancient texts and archaeological monuments, the eon old Slavic ancestry, our beliefs, morals, commandments, and the answers to the mysterious wise tales of the Slavs. The second part called "The Path to Light" discusses the connection and meaning of the Slavic and Hindu Vedas, the stages of the ancient Slavic spiritual belief "Rodoveriye", the meaning of spiritual development, the paths and goals of our ancient societies, the wisdom behind each stage of life and how to get ready for and create virtuous offspring, the nature of divine and demonic entities and their purpose, the importance of understanding your inner self and past lives, the structure of all our energy bodies, the origins of the Vedas, what it means to have a non-dualistic view of the universe, and the secrets of the Golden Path. PLS!!! Read











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Everything  about  «НЕНАВИСТЬ». 

Everything about «HATE» ! 


The concept of life of a reasonable human: to work on themselves, know the "sacred" laws of nature, which says - "learning yourself - you learn the universe”.

The algorithm of work is simple: 
1. Tell yourself the truth - what you need
2. Replace erroneous beliefs by the knowledge of the laws of nature
3. Start changing your attitude to the world.

How to begin working on yourself ?
To work on yourself & self-perfection = path to the light 
To work for somebody = concept of slavery

The process involves self-awareness of what you are doing and practice is essential because a knowledge without practice - dead weight, useless and not needed risk. 
Clearly, before you will start to improve some aspects of your life, at least, you must understand - what it is.
Forewarned  is forearmed! Prevention is better than cure etc, etc.

“I want” not enough. You MUST have the INTENTION, the srength and effort to start. Between "want"(emotion) and "need"(intention) is a huge difference.
I want = destructive concept = death
I need = creation of intention = life


step 1

1find local professional about  45 old  rus-eng-rus translators&interpreter 

2make agreement with our  rus-eng translator

Or someone qualified in your region - who you are familiar with in person. Better will be if we will make the acquaintance with him first - to ensure, that this person is competent enough to make you an adequete translation of the conten of KOROTECKIE.COM.

3 make yourself adequate and qualitative translation of KOROTECKIE.COM 's content.
We recommend you to do not use google translators, for this purposes. The translation of each one translator - we have ever used, was terrible, in point of a sentences bigger than 6-7 words. Unfortunately, translator programs distort a sense of our articles, and other useful information.

4 - ask your mother to retell your childbirth step-by-step.

5 - study yourself, human VEDIC knowledge, phisiology & anatomy.


step 2

Call us directly! And ask for literature.

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